Furniture Wellington - Explore the latest designs of home and office furniture available in New Zealand! Browse the leading online and local stores of Wellington! Buy classic or modern house interiors, kitchen cabinets, outdoor rattan sets and more.

Shopping for furniture in Wellington, New Zealand is fun when you know what to look for. Every furniture style is represented here, and you're more likely than not to find furniture you like in your desired design. The first distinction you need to make before heading off to the stores is whether you're going to buy something locally made or one that's imported. Then you can further narrow it down to whether you want a custom design or stock furniture. Each category has a different price range, so this is something that will greatly influence what you can and cannot buy.

As in many modern cities around the world, contemporary furniture is big business in Wellington. There are hundreds of different designs from renowned furniture brands, and this includes the latest and trending furniture. Modern furniture is best defined by its clean lines, bright colours, minimalist look, refined finishes and luxurious fabrics. Traditional furniture is just as widely available in all its timeless glory. You have plenty to choose from under this category, with styles such as vintage, country, French Provincial, Victorian, cottage and bohemian readily available. Other furniture styles on offer include Mid-century modern, transitional, shabby chic, industrial, urban and trendy. Browse your target furniture category to see all the different designs on offer and the sizes they come in.

All the popular types of furniture are sold in a large variety here. Categories under home furniture are living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen and dining furniture, bathroom furniture, home office furniture and patio furniture. Home furniture sets are a favorite of many, with a large number of buyers opting to buy sets of furniture for each room as opposed to choosing single pieces of furniture. Furniture sets are excellent for bringing out a coordinated look in the room. Buy sets and enjoy elegant placement in every room. For a more eclectic layout, choose single furniture units. With this option, you can combine different furniture designs in one room to create a casual, playful look.

Get the complete range of outdoor and patio furniture, from garden benches to outdoor dining settings, outdoor lounge sets, outdoor dining settings, outdoor sofas, sun loungers, poolside furniture, bar stools, coffee tables and recliners. These come in both traditional and contemporary styles and can be bought in sets or individually. For office furniture, you have the option of choosing modern office furniture or settling for the more traditional office units. Modern office furniture sets are popular because of their versatility and basic care routine. Leather executive chairs, wood executive desks, modular office installations, storage furniture, media consoles, reception desks and chairs, and boardroom furniture are some of the furniture you can get for your office. Materials used to make the furniture range from solid wood to engineered wood, glass, mesh, metal, leather, polyurethane and plastic.

Find the perfect furniture for your space from the hundreds of furniture products on sale in Wellington. Carefully designed to fit into modern lifestyles, this furniture can be used to bring out any design theme, whether traditional, contemporary or something in-between. Shipping to any destination in New Zealand will be arranged.